Finding God in The Busyness of Life

“How have you been?” a friend asks. “Busy,” we say. And it is usually true. We are almost always busy.

For many of us much of our busyness is necessary to our survival or to our own and others’ well-being. For some of us, our busyness may include activities of caring for or serving others.

But for many of us some portion of our busyness may also be self-imposed. We may get caught up in endless attempts to track and consume the information overload at our fingertips and on our many screens. Or we may be driven to achieve some form of status or success through long hours of working or tasking. Or we may be responding to internal and external pressures to gain approval from others or from God by doing or serving endlessly.

Both the good and necessary things in our lives and the self-imposed busyness of overdoing or overconsuming may be creating pressure and tension in our lives, robbing us of peace of mind and interfering with an awareness of God’s presence with us. We may be left feeling empty, unfulfilled and hungry for spiritual nurture that will sustain us and guide us.

In the midst of the whirlwind of our lives, however, it may seem impossible to make time to focus beyond the noise and activities of the daily demands on our time. We may find ourselves longing for a greater awareness of God with us in the midst of it all, but asking ourselves how we can possibly add one more thing to our to-do list.

How can we learn to live centered in God’s loving presence, in a way that allows all our activity to flow from that center? How can we experience this change of heart that will allow us to know God’s presence with us in the midst of the busyness of our lives?

This eight-week study begins on Friday Sept. 23rd - Nov. 18th @ 7pm. (We'll not meet on Oct. 7th). The topics we'll be covering include:

Live in The Present

Receiving Strength for The Day from God

Seek and Live in God's Wisdom

Express Gratitude Through the Day

Rest with and Rely Upon God

Remain in Conversation with God

Labor in Love

Serve with Joy

Contact us at or 716-439-8101 for location and details.