Mission & Vision

Authentic Believers Who Make the Gospel Visible and Accessible

The Mission

The mission of Shelby Center Church is to build a compelling community of followers of Jesus committed to: 
  • Exalting the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Evangelizing the Lost with both grace and credibility.
  • Edifying and Equipping Laborers for ministry.

The Vision

The vision of Shelby Center Church is to create a community of authentic believers who make the gospel visible and accessible in order to witness a community transformed by the life changing reality of the gospel as people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. 

Technology As A Guide to Finding True Community

Church is shared life. It's where broken and flawed people meet to exchange an identity that has been marred and lived incognito for one that is redeemed in Christ!

We seek to create a church where you feel the Spirit of God at work, see a smile, and sense encouragement from a friend that is in the room.

We believe that in the world of mega and supersized, there is room for smaller and more personal. Shelby Center Church is keeping church simplified while seeking to keep Jesus magnified and people edified amid the rapidly changing culture in which we live, work, learn, socialize, and play.

In a world that makes all these things possible from behind a screen, we're striving to make it worthwhile to also meet in person.

We view technology as a welcome mat, a digital doorstep to gathering in person to experience the embrace of a friend, the enjoyment of a shared meal, and the care of someone who knows and accepts you and seeks your greatest good.

Church is more than content. It is connection to a caring community serving Jesus side by side without the pressure of performance. We exist to equip followers of Jesus to take Jesus into their life and introduce Him to those they encounter everyday. Church is engagement, not just a Sunday gathering.

Church can be powerful when it is smaller, simpler, and without all the stress! It's pastoral guidance, personal and spiritual growth, friends in person. opportunities to share your spiritual giftings, and worshipping God with others.

Together we're seeking to make the truth of Jesus visible by making the love of Jesus accessible and tangible with people like you. We welcome your visit.

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