Three Steps Toward Healing 3
by Steven Pawley on July 9th, 2023
Have you sought the Lord for emotional healing over some painful or sinful event but the help just didn’t seem to arrive? You’re in good company. Be of good comfort God is nearby. These messages (steps) weren’t intended to become a “formula for success” over the challenges of life. But they are helpful steps toward getting some vital emotional healing when life hurts. Moving from the hiding place - wounds, to the honest place - war, can be painful and frustrating. Sometimes we skip or misstep getting to the place we want to be. Toxic environments inhibit spiritual health and wellness. So do toxic people. Make some space. God permits you to get around others who encourage steps toward and into....   Read More
Three Steps Toward Healing 2
by Steven Pawley on July 2nd, 2023
When your story is dotted or defined by painful events, losses, abuses, traumas, failures, and sins committed against or by you it is easy to retreat to the hiding place. Hiding people are everywhere. Like a wound under a bandage, the pain doesn’t go away in the hiding place. It can fester and manifest itself in all kinds of distorted beliefs and behaviors - sometimes for years or decades. Emotional wounds left uncared for may become a silent or violent war that rages within and outward toward others. You really can’t hide it; you just learn to disguise it – we “mask the pain”. Here's the second step to emotional healing...   Read More
Three Steps Toward Healing 1
by Steven Pawley on June 25th, 2023
We all have painful events in our lives. We get emotional wounds from things others have done to us, we’ve done to others, sin, things we’ve gone through, losses, tragedies - all of them significant. Left uncared for these wounds become infected - toxins inside of us that negatively influence our quality of life and relational health. But sooner or later these buried wounds bubble out. You and I bury pain, barricade or block events that have wounded us, and allow offenses and losses we’ve experienced or caused others to hinder us, hurt others, and distort our perception of God...  Read More
How To Get Out of A Rut
by Steven Pawley on June 18th, 2023
Did you ever do something stupid, and keep doing it while expecting different results? You’re not alone! Sometimes we want to get off the path we’re on, but are stuck in a rut – Same thing, try harder, get more stuck. We can waste our life spinning our wheels. If that’s your story, this might help...   Read More
A Faithful Man Who Can Find?
by Steven Pawley on June 4th, 2023
Some people are famous for what they know or do. Some for competency, others for character. But what happens when character and competency align with a soul redeemed by Christ? You meet a man or woman with a mission to make the gospel visible and accessible to all. They’ve stepped into ministry to use their good character and competency to make a life-giving difference everywhere they live, work, learn, worship, socialize, and play. Look at three things you can do to be more ministry minded and engaging with the life-giving gospel:  Read More
God Can Rewrite Your Story
by Steven Pawley on May 28th, 2023
The Bible is full of life-changing and life-giving encounters with Jesus and the gospel. When God touches a soul, rescues it, redeems it, repurposes it - that’s a story that must be told! Whatever your past, present, or future the gospel believed and received rewrites it. The gospel rewrites your story in such a way you cannot be silent about...   Read More
Late But Not Left Out
by Steven Pawley on May 21st, 2023
A friend of mine missed an appointment to his tryout for a MLB team! It was his opportunity of a life time but was too late! Maybe you feel like it’s too late in life and you’ve missed it. Don’t. The sins of God’s people can get under our skin and make us cynical of church. But a fresh vision of Jesus (and our own hypocrisy) can get us back to serving the Lord...  Read More
When You Need God to Step In
by Steven Pawley on May 14th, 2023
When you’re in that place where the more you try the messier it gets and you need God now, stop lamenting, and look! He’s working behind the scenes for the greater good, and ready to step in. When you’re overwhelmed by circumstances or overtaken by sin God is not distant. Whatever your lament, look for Him. Jesus is at work and ready to step in when...  Read More
Does Your Life Reveal God's Ultimate Truth about Himself?
by Steven Pawley on May 7th, 2023
At the weekly Bible study in the county jail, I’ve been challenged to make sure I’m not a liability in helping those hungry men understand why God became a man - specifically for them. Jesus is rarely comprehended because His word is barely considered. Each minute in darkness you trade for light in God’s word is an investment that reveals what you believe Jesus is worth. He did something for us so we would do something for Him...   Read More
Only One Out of Ten Helped By Jesus Do This. Have You?
by Steven Pawley on April 30th, 2023
In America, one in ten people have diabetes, turn to social media instead of their doctor for health information, don’t care at all about politics, and during the pandemic considered suicide. Yet there is another troubling stat Jesus gives that should also challenge us. Only one in ten helped by Jesus give God praise and thanks. Nine out of ten are ungrateful! For some, the power of the gospel is within grasp. Jesus makes it visible and accessible. Religion is enough for nine out of ten, yet they walk away outwardly changed but no closer to Christ...  Read More
God's Answer to Your Ineffectiveness
by Steven Pawley on April 16th, 2023
Many with whom we live, work, serve, and socialize are molested and managed by forces set on their destruction and we may lack the power to effectively engage to make a difference. Let’s look at two people who need to engage against powerful forces bent on destruction but lack spiritual effectiveness. One is a parent, the other a professing follower of Jesus. (From Mk 9:14-29):  Read More
Something You Need to Remember
by Steven Pawley on April 9th, 2023
There is a point God ordains in our lives where the pain of past decisions and experiences meets our present predicament - where consequences and regrets force an encounter with Jesus. It has been said, show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. Be careful who you hang around. Whether your life is preferable or regrettable things can change in an instant. Two people are forced to hang around Jesus - crucified next to Him for their own poor choices with no escape. What they do next determines their future. You are one of these two people. (From Luke 23:33-43):  Read More