Our Story

How our story started...

With a handful of people, weeks of prayer and dreaming together,  and a desire to build a church near Lockport, NY the best location we could find (and afford) was located in the rear of a plaza in Wrights Corners, NY.

After many long days and nights of cleaning, painting, and remodeling, mixed with love, laughter, anticipation, and prayer - we launched.

Expanding the vision...

But God had another vision and providentially moved us to Shelby Center, NY just south of the beautiful and historic village of Medina, NY.

An old abandoned church building and adjacent schoolhouse in a small rural hamlet needed renovation, a roof, and a church family to make the gospel visible again.

With an incredible commitment from a small group of talented and generous believers the work commenced and the church was planted with room to grow!

Where we are headed...

There's great people and great need in the Medina, Shelby Center, and surrounding area. There's great need for Jesus' love to be revealed, known, shared, and received.

There's great opportunity to engage in neighborly love, caring community, helps projects, and special events to make the gospel visible and accessible.

And with our small church there's great opportunity for you to join in our mission and labor of love to make the church grow where we're planted.

Be a part of our story...

You're invited Sunday and Wednesday as we gather to worship and grow together.