You Need to Know Your One Thing

Some News You Can Use from Shelby Center

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Having been pastor for quite a while I’ve seen lots of people come and go. They run to Jesus during some crisis or emotional time only to walk away when God deals with some sin or issue in their life. People like you and me can be like that.

Friend, I’m glad you came today… But I’m concerned about how you’ll leave. Let me explain (From Mark 10:17-22):

1. (17). People come to Jesus (church) for many reasons: Religion. Show. Favor. Duty. Worship. Life Change. Why you? Motives matter.

2. (18). It can be annoying when someone answers your question with a question! But God deals with the motives.

  • Why? Why me? Now? Who do you believe you’re talking to? Am I, Jesus, God?

  • V. 19. Jesus deals with the issue: Law breaking – God’s! The law reveals our sin and guilt. We’re all guilty of criminality against God! (Rom. 3:10, 19-26)

3. (Mk. 10:20. Why do we proclaim innocence even when we know we’re guilty? Be honest. God’s indictments are inerrant.

4. (21). God goes right for the heart: The “One Thing” (Ps. 78:33-41).

  • What’s your one thing? Is it some pet or besetting sin? Let Jesus break the cycle (Ps. 107:9-15, 20):

  • Some other “one things”: Idols, good life, anger, envy, resentment, religion, (too good/bad), person, some hurt, memory, guilt, shame, regret, faulty view of God/ self

  • My friend, Behaving good is not the same as being good. God deals with the real issue: The heart, motive, sin, self-righteous, self-life, sincerity...

5. (Mk. 10:22). “God is asking too much”! So, he walked away grieved! Is giving up that “one thing” too much to ask? A good trade?

  • If you were rescued from sin, would you want to go back?

  • If the “good life” would ultimately cause your damnation or downfall, would you cling to it? Most do! Will you?

Before you can take hold of life as God intended, you’ll have to let go of some things: The one thing. What is it? Ready to let go?

People come to Jesus and church for all kinds of reasons. Why did you come?

I’m glad you came, but concerned about One Thing: How will you walk away: Grieved or relieved? It starts in the heart. Talk to God about it and let Him deal that that “one thing”. Will you do that now? Before you walk away? You'll be so glad you did.

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