Are You Ready to Be Made Whole?

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When you find yourself in a seemingly unchangeable situation, you know – “it’s been like this for years and nothing’s going to change it” – Jesus asks a question that can change it all.

If you’re ready for God to make real change in your life, the seemingly impossible kind of change, Jesus is right there to make it happen. Jesus is called the Saviour because in Him there is a solution to every situation of life.

But you have a role to play. Today, let’s face the impossible together and see what Jesus can do.

Jesus encounters a man who has been in a frustrating situation that he’s resigned himself to for life. It seems like there’s nothing he can do about it until he has an honest conversation with Jesus (Context - John 5:1-8).

Among the struggles – mental, emotional, relational, physical, financial, lame, halt, weak… Jesus asks a question:

1. (6) Wilt thou be made whole?

  • Jesus honors honesty. Tired of your condition? Ready for real and lasting life change? The whole of it?

  • (7) “Sir, I have no man.” I’ve lost hope, heart! Human, religious remedies and schemes have failed me…

  • When we acknowledge our present limits and limited search for wholeness, we’re ready for Jesus to say:

2. (8) Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.

  • Almost seems cruel to say this to someone as hopeless as he is (you are?). So, here’s the thing. Are you ready to do things God’s way (without limits) regardless of how unreasonable or impossible it seems?

  • To believe Jesus at His word is to act regardless of how you “feel”, or “it” seems. Don’t negotiate with God! He makes no exceptions, accepts no excuses, and to those who are ready, instantly offers:

1) Healing (rise). Present realities do not determine your future. Your faith in Jesus does. Get up!

2) Empowerment (take up bed). You won’t be coming back here, “it” no longer controls or carries you!

3) Direction (and walk). Don’t expect others to carry you; don’t worry what others will think or say. Jesus will now empower and direct you in newness of life and purpose (Eph. 4:17-24, 2 Cor. 5:17).

3. (9-14) Thou art made whole.

  • (9) Decision time. God asked the question, gave the instruction… “immediately made whole”! When we do our part - believe and receive by faith - It's DONE in and by Jesus alone!

  • (10-14). Ignore the doubters and detractors. Some only find fault. When you find Jesus keep walking!

  • A word of caution. The real issue that hinders us is sin. Jesus dealt with it – He didn’t ignore it. You can’t either. Have a funeral for your past. Start with a “deathbed confession” then enjoy a “whole” new life!

  • (15). When you experience what only Jesus can do, you’ll want to make the gospel visible and accessible to others. Let them see you freed from your past, empowered in the present, hopeful for your future.

So, what “seems” impossible, broken beyond repair, and unchangeable to you? Is it relational, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual? Is it bitterness, envy, guilt, failure, religion, church hurt, fatigue…? You know: “Sir, I have no man”!

Good. Now turn to Jesus, take Him at His word, and ask Him to make you whole – today. You Can Learn More About The Gospel Here.

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