How To Get Out of A Rut

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Years ago a missionary friend preached a message that stuck with me. It was so helpful that I’ve recalled what I could, repackaged it, and want to help you with what he said... (Thanks Henry!)

Did you ever do something stupid, and keep doing it while expecting different results?

You’re not alone! (Tractor in Mud Story)

Sometimes we want to get off the path we’re on, but are stuck in a rut – Same thing, try harder, get more stuck. We waste our life spinning our wheels. If that’s your story, today might help.

Let’s talk about getting out of a rut (From Mk 10:46-52):

We’re looking at a blind beggar who has no help or hope… He’s stuck in a bad situation and is getting nowhere fast. Maybe you feel that way! Let’s look at seven steps to getting out of a rut:

1. V. 47. Take Personal Responsibility.
  • Face reality: NOYA (Nobody Owes You Anything)
  • Focus on what you can do something about instead of what you can do nothing about. Circumstance can change: quickly.

2. V. 46. Don’t Wait for Ideal Circumstances. 

  • Believe things can change. Your present decisions determine your future. 
  • Do something proactive – a step, a call, something healthy (Phil 4:13).

3. V. 48. Stop Focusing on What Others Think or Say. 

  • Doubters and discouragers abound. 
  • Walk away and get around healthy people who encourage and empower good decisions.

4. V. 49. Believe God is Interested in Beggars! 

  • God stops for those who cry out, who don’t have it all together! 
  • Be honest about your needs and call out to Jesus in good faith (1 Pet. 5:5-7).

5. V. 50. Take A Bold Step.
  • What does that coat represent? Security! Familiar! Comfortable! 
  • Cast that off! “I’m not doing this anymore”! This is where faith takes a trusting step toward Jesus.

6. V. 51. Be Specific About What You Desire. 

  • You’re asking God – Go Big! 
  • If you’re asking for sinful or selfish reasons…for more of the same… forgetaboutit! (James 4:1-7).

7. V. 52. Follow Jesus in The Way. 

  • Here’s where the rubber meets to road when we get out of the rut: 
  • I want to follow Jesus – to do things His way – I’m ready to take my journey with Him.

This is the power of the gospel! Our story has taken us to a bad place, an unhealthy place, we’re stuck, in a rut, need help and can’t get out. Then we encounter Jesus, call out, He stops and helps.

A rut has been described as a grave with the ends kicked out (story of two mules).

Today you can choose what mule you will be and what you’re going to do to get out of that rut. We’re ready to help if you’re ready to step out. Let me know what I can do to help you today.

You can write it down, get started, call, text or email me, or reach out through the website.

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