Are You Living on Borrowed Power?

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Through a great deal of pain, frustration, effort, and even prayer I’ve learned to admit and accept that there are some things you can do nothing about.

Birth! Upbringing! Weather! The Past!

Some are hindered from making progress in life because of what’s “back there”. I know.

Instead of being restrained by a past you cannot change, there’s a question that can change everything going forward (From 2 Kgs 6:1-7). Did you see the question? Where Fell It?

1. The Big Problem (1-3)
• Times get hard, change is needed, problems mount. We want to move on.

• But the Lord has some things to teach us and it’s often in hardship we finally see it.
2.The Borrowed Power (4-5)
• Circumstances can derail us: the wheels fall off / we fly off the handle!

• Maybe you’re here and living off borrowed power. And it no longer works. Now what?

• Be careful not to trade one borrowed power for another. The gospel has to be your life… Be aware of places people tend to borrow power:

1) Past. What others did is a poor substitute for a gospel-centered life now (Ezra 3:12).

2) Future. Spending our children’s inheritance is no joke. Give them Jesus (2 Kgs 20:16-19).

3) Convictions. While you evaluate beliefs that shaped your past, be equally critical of beliefs you’re presently considering. Reconstruct convictions carefully (Rom. 14:11-12).

4) Prayer & Devotion. Get a healthy walk with Jesus for yourself (Acts 8:21-24, Exo. 16:18).

5) Blessings. Start counting yours, not others. Then give some away! (Pro. 10:22).
3. The Blessed Place (6-7)
• Be honest. Where fell it? God meet us there with gospel grace. Put your hand out, take it.

• Jacob made a mess… then an altar (Gen. 35:1-4, 10-15). Friend, no more borrowed power – find the Blessed Place.

Where fell it? When you’re honest with God you’ll be amazed at the hurts that heal, the losses recovered, and the redeemed life that the gospel received produces.

And, you’ll live no longer on borrowed power.

We can’t change the past, but we can be freed from its chains, recover from its problems, and respond differently going forward. You can’t go back to Bethel, but you can build an altar.

Start with the gospel. Jesus truly received is life-giving and life-changing. He’s the blessed place where we admit our borrowed power, acknowledge where things fell off, and -- Recover.

Would you come and meet with Jesus now?

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