If Angels Talked About You

Some News You Can Use from Shelby Center

Have you ever made a spectacle of yourself? You know, silly, foolish, bold in the safety of your own environment? If only walls could talk! What would they say about you?

Have you ever been big, bad, and brazen around others absent some authority figure or person you fear?

Then been called out by that figure!? That’s a spectacle. An exaggerated ego brings the wrong attention.

What if angels could talk? What would they say about what you believe by how you behave when there’s no one that threatens you? They’re watching. Oh, if angels could talk! (From 1 Cor. 4:6-13):

1. When Angels Watch Who You Follow, Is It for The Gospel’s Sake (6-8)?

· We’re laborers together for one cause - and it is not our own! Be willing to be an example. Make it your mission, your goal to be influence for the gospel and glory to Jesus, not popularity or platforms.

· “Lifetime is training time for reigning time”. Don’t live as though you have need of nothing!

The giftings and goods you bring to the task have been given to you by God for service in His mission.

2. When Angels Watch Your Foolishness, Is It for The Gospel’s Sake (9-10)?

· When angels watch us acting like kings instead of commoners might they wonder…:

…Why Christ (who could call 12 legions of them) chose Calvary for the likes of us (Eph. 3:10)?

(Spend each day finding new ways to express your gratitude that He did and allegiance to Him).

…Why we are bolder and more excited inside our walls than in the presence of those God sent us to influence?

Get excited about what God has done, is doing, will do. Be a spectacle for the gospel!

(Scripture signs, shirts, wall art, on auto, favorite vss. on social media / web posts, tell/talk to others…)

…Why we disregard what God requires (1 Tim. 5:21)? Seek to reveal the cross, not reign in comfort!

…Why we take sides and divide when Christ died to make us one (1 Co. 6:1-3, Eph. 4:3)? Go make up

· When each of us makes the gospel visible both with love and labor, influence grows (Acts 11:21-26).

3. When Angels Watch Your Faithfulness, Is It for The Gospel’s Sake (11-13)?

· If you’re going to do what is required by the Word, you’ll not be assisted or applauded by the world.

(Christ chose to be a spectacle in humiliating death for you. It’s your choice what you’ll be for Him).

· I need no reputation, realm, or reward. When reviled I remember I’m a minister of reconciliation.

· He is no fool who labors for the Lord while keeping His focus on Jesus and longing to see His face.

To embrace the Christian life in all its glory, wisdom, and power, is to let go of the opinions of others and labor for Jesus no matter what.

It’s really the least we can do for Christ. Paul made his choice, what’s yours? You’re a spectacle. But for what will you be noticed?

Love others and labor for Christ’s sake and the gospel’s without making it about yourself. The angels are watching; go give them something to talk about!

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