God is No Loser

Some News You Can Use from Shelby Center

What would you say to God if you had to flee in fear from someone very close to your heart? If one in your own family built a coalition and convinced many to turn against and trouble you what kinds of emotions and thoughts would flood into your heart and mind and affect your mood?

Songs are often born of circumstance and David is having a time. What is one against so many is his cry!

We’re told in God’s word that the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. And that we should think on whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report.

But how many times do we allow our emotions, thoughts, and fears to crowd out the peace of God? Can you say, too many!?

For the believer, when life feels unfair, unfamiliar, or fearful, the best place to take our mind is to the Messiah. We cast our cares upon Jesus because He cares for us.

Even when it seems like you have no solace, strength, or shield, you can sing in the night seasons, then sleep knowing God is no loser, and in Him neither am I. (From Psalm 3):

1. The Claim - You’re Finished! (1-2)

· When we have a weak or challenging moment the coalitions will arise, and the critics will abound. Opportunists sharpen their plans, hyenas attack relentlessly, and Satan finds pleasure in our pain.

· When others are determined to cause your demise and declare your doom encourage yourself in the Lord. He’s not done with you even if you’ve hit rock bottom (1 Sam. 30:6-8)!

2. The Cry - Dear Father! (3-4)

· What words! Look up dear friend. The giants that oppose us take the size of grasshoppers and the problems that perplex us fade when God becomes our refuge and resource (Psa. 46, Jer. 33:3).

· Would a good father ignore the hot tears on the cheeks of a child experiencing painful misfortune? Make prayer your first stop not last resort.

Your Father is for you and hears your cry (Psa. 56:9).

3. The Comfort - Nothing to Fear! (5-6)

· “Fear not” is easy to say ‘til you face the enemy and feel the effects. A child facing a bully will fret ‘til she sees her father nearby. Change your focus; lose the fear.

Blessed assurance is birthed in prayer.

· In fire, flood, or the fight of your life, you’ve nothing to fear with Father near (Lam. 3:57, Isa. 43:1-5a). You’ve given it to God when worry is replaced by worship and emotions with expectancy (Phil. 4:6-7).

4. The Confidence - Not Finished! (7-8)

· In every test of life God asks a question amid our fear: Do you trust Me? This is not David’s first run in with a committed enemy and won’t be his last. Tribulation worketh patience, experience, hope.

· When we recall who God is, can do, and has done our confidence returns (Lam. 3:21-26, Isa. 26:3-5). Faith puts fear to flight when we believe God at His word AND continue in prayer: Arise O Lord!

· Save me! When tempted to strike out at detractors defer to God. Believe God and leave it with Him.

In Christ you can declare with confidence, God is NOT finished with me (Psa. 116:1-9, 2 Cor. 2:14)!

The enemies of those who serve the Lord take pleasure in our pain. But when we keep our minds and hearts fixed upon the Lord Jesus Christ, we have victory by virtue of our identity in Him.

Fear does not define the man, what he does with fear and how he lives his faith does.

Friend, when life feels unfair, unfamiliar, or fearful, the best place to take our mind is to the Messiah. He’s enough against so many.

Cast your cares upon Him. When it seems like you have no solace, you can sing in the night seasons, God is no loser and in Him neither am I! And then go to sleep.

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