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Does Your Life Reveal God's Ultimate Truth about Himself?
by Steven Pawley on May 7th, 2023
At the weekly Bible study in the county jail, I’ve been challenged to make sure I’m not a liability in helping those hungry men understand why God became a man - specifically for them. Jesus is rarely comprehended because His word is barely considered. Each minute in darkness you trade for light in God’s word is an investment that reveals what you believe Jesus is worth. He did something for us so we would do something for Him...   Read More
What Kind of Christian Are You?
by Steven Pawley on April 2nd, 2023
If you were to say, “I’m a Christian” would it be reasonable to ask, “what kind?” I mean look around at how many different Christian churches, cults, sects, beliefs, and behaviors there are. According to Jesus, your relationship to the Bible, your personal engagement with God’s word, reveals what kind of Christian (Christ-follower/imitator) you really are (John 8:31-32). Your relationship to and time in the Bible makes Jesus want to cry and is cause for concern. I’m asking you to hear from God and identify what kind of Christian you are (From Lk. 8:4-18).  Read More
Looking for Help In All The Wrong Places?
by Steven Pawley on March 26th, 2023
The stories of “people looking for help in all the wrong places” are numerous and well known. But sometimes people just stop looking for help. They surrender to their pain, problems, and predicaments and stop seeking help from God. My friend, don’t let that be your story. When you can’t do much to get to Jesus do what you can to get to Jesus – no excuses. He’ll even help you walk on water if you desire to get to Him for help (Mt. 14:29-31)! God’s word tells us of a person who for eighteen years dealt with a problem that limited their quality of life. Maybe that’s you? Unresolved pain or predicaments that are impacting your life. But Jesus uses the difficult circumstances this person endured to challenge us with a question: What’s keeping you from the help you need? Here’s four places to look (from Luke 13:10-17):  Read More
Satan Desires to Get You Alone
by Steven Pawley on March 19th, 2023
Difficult circumstances should drive us to God. But when they’re driving you away you need a strategy because Satan seeks to get you alone. That’s never a good thing. Satan is an opportunist who shows up when we’re weak. It is in these moments it is easy to give in to wrong and destructive choices. I know, you know, and Satan knows. Yet Jesus also knows about temptation and how to not succumb (1 Cor. 10:12-13). I’m going to show you three places I am regularly and relentlessly tempted when I’m right where Satan wants me - weary, isolated, and feeling alone. You will be too (From Luke 4:1-13).   Read More
Baggage You Weren't Meant to Carry
by Steven Pawley on March 12th, 2023
A famous verse of the Bible comes with some baggage that needs to be unpacked. Life gets that way too. We want the good stuff but have some baggage that life piles on and must be unloaded. Our baggage can bring us to the breaking point and life won’t lift a finger to help. Be careful how you unload when the struggles and stresses of life pile on. (From Mt. 11) When what you’re carrying is too heavy or unhealthy unload on Jesus – He can handle it.  Read More