Three Steps Toward Healing 3

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How many of you have sought the Lord for emotional healing over some painful or sinful event but the help just didn’t seem to arrive? You’re in good company. Be of good comfort God is nearby.

Moving from the hiding place - wounds, to the honest place - war, can be painful and frustrating. Sometimes we skip or misstep getting to the place we want to be: The healing place – wellness.

These messages (steps) weren’t intended to become a “formula for success” over the challenges of life. But they are helpful steps toward getting some vital emotional healing when life hurts.

Key Thought Three: Encouraging Wellness Takes Us to The Healing Place (From Psa. 32).

Toxic environments inhibit spiritual health and wellness. So do toxic people. Make some space. God permits you to get around others who encourage steps toward and into the healing place.

  • v. 8-9. If you desire wellness get around others who’ve found it. Don’t be stubborn about it. Oh, but many (and possibly any one of us) can be and are! Consider Psa. 107:1-18, 23-27.

  • v. 10-11. God offers a choice. He didn’t author your pain, but He does allow it for good. Pain has a way of encouraging honesty, help, and humble obedience: Psa. 119:67-71, 107:19-22.

May I encourage you to invite God into your wounds, into the war inside of you, so that you can be brought to the honest place and the healing place? Look what awaits you (Psa. 30:2, 40:1-5).

This last step is a little bigger, but with the other steps behind you if you’re ready you can take it. The song returns to your story and healing continues as you forgive those who’ve wounded you.

You may feel like you don’t have the capacity to forgive or are not ready. I understand. But what have you got to lose? Come with me and I’ll show you: Eph. 4:30-32.

Which list you live by is a choice. One is prison and pain, the other is the process to get out. Jesus encourages you to forgive and empowers you to forgive so you can be free and Himself glorified.

If you’re ready to take that step:

1) Write down the specific offender(s) and offense(s) that wounded you. You’re not approving or enabling – you’re releasing them to God and releasing yourself from the sin of not forgiving.

2) Be specific about the feelings and losses their offense(s) caused you. List all you can recall.

3) Be honest and specific with God about your poor choices in response to their offense.

4) Tell God how you were wounded, and that you too are a sinner who wounds others, and that you have chosen to release / forgive the offender while seeking forgiveness yourself.

5) Rejoice! A new chapter has been written in your story as you’ve taken some big steps toward healing. Now don’t stop here. Use these steps each time an old or new wound brings pain.

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