Looking for Help In All The Wrong Places?

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The stories of “people looking for help in all the wrong places” are numerous and well known. But sometimes people just stop looking for help.

They surrender to their pain, problems, and predicaments and stop seeking help from God. My friend, don’t let that be your story.

When you can’t do much to get to Jesus do what you can to get to Jesus – no excuses. He’ll even help you walk on water if you desire to get to Him for help (Mt. 14:29-31)!

God’s word tells us of a person who for eighteen years dealt with a problem that limited their quality of life. Maybe that’s you? Unresolved pain or predicaments that are impacting your life.

But Jesus uses the difficult circumstances this person endured to challenge us with a question: What’s keeping you from the help you need? Here’s four places to look (from Luke 13:10-17):

1. Spirit of Infirmity (10-13) 

  • The source of our entrenched problems and pain may well be a “bad spirit” from years ago. 

  • When you can’t lift yourself don’t let self-pity or a bad spirit keep you from getting help. 

2. Spiritually Rigid or “Rough” Individuals (14-15) 

  • Jesus may not feel welcome but still works where tradition and toxicity misrepresent God. 

  • Don’t let hypocrisies, insecurities, or fear of how you’ll be treated keep you from Jesus. 

3. Satanic Influence (16) 

  • Yes, there are devil induced difficulties designed to keep you impotent, impeded, isolated. 

  • Don’t let his devices distract you from prayer, Scripture, and seeking Jesus daily (Ecc. 7:29). 

4. Seldom at Church In-Person (10-13) 

  • I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it – maybe even said it – “It’s easier to stay home”, “I’m not up to it today”, “I don’t need a church”, or “I can watch online” (Consider Heb. 10:24-25). 

  • Times have changed! I get it. But God’s word says gather - assemble. He works in person! When you show up consistently, you’ll find that help has been waiting for you. 

Decide to keep showing up no matter what and two things eventually happen: You get the help you need from Jesus, and Jesus gets the glory He deserves (v. 13, 17).

Friend, have you been looking for help in all the wrong places or stopped looking for it altogether? Change your story today!

When you can’t do much, do what you can to get to Jesus – no excuses. You’ll no longer be kept from the help you need – even if it takes years – or a walk on water to get to God.

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