Are You Living Like a GrINO?

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Have you ever met someone who claimed to follow Jesus but seemed to live like a GrINO? They mentioned grace a lot but misrepresented what it was and manifested so little of it.

Maybe they met you with expectations, exhortations, and laws but very little love or acceptance. For others it’s the variety found in Jude 3-4 instead of the Rom. 1:5, 5:20-6:2.

Grace isn’t vain. It is life-giving because it deals with sin: self-righteousness and license. We make it visible and accessible to others by committing to never being a GrINO (Grace In Name Only)!

Jesus tells a story to affirm the rightness of forsaking all to build God’s kingdom not our own. Where many find principles of equity, equality, and one’s rights the story reveals a principle that is not so obvious about living in God’s economy: Amazing grace (From Matt. 20:1-16).

Amazing grace is made visible and accessible when we give what is needed not what is deserved!

  • Some went to work early in the day, others late. But all had the same need: Money to feed their family and pay the bills. But they weren’t all treated fairly… at least so they thought.

  • Some discover their need for forgiveness for and freedom from their brokenness and sin early in life, others late. Jesus dispenses grace equally to whosoever comes to him in repentance and faith.

Question. Which character are you in Jesus’ story? Are you upset when others with whom you rub shoulders get the same grace you got from God – feeling like they deserve less or you more?

Or are you the grateful beneficiary of God’s amazing grace having come to faith later in life?

Don’t be a GrINO! Be amazing! Take on the character of Jesus and make it your mission to dispense the grace you received from God to those who don’t deserve it but sure do need it:

  • Like the man who got a day’s wage even though late for work (Matt. 20)! Be a gracious leader.

  • Like the woman with broken relationships who was seen as unfulfilled not unfaithful (John 4)! Be life-giving as you look past the “presenting problem” to the real need.

  • Like the woman taken in adultery (John 8). Don’t throw stones at easy or obvious targets!

  • Like the woman provided for when she had but two sticks to rub together (1 Kings 17)!

  • Like the man in the pits shown compassion by someone outside his normal crowd (Jer. 38)! Your best companions may come from those showing kindness outside your comfort zone.

If you want to see amazing grace made visible and accessible look to Jesus on the cross bleeding – dying – providing: Not for the deserving but for the needy like you and me (John 19:25-27).

Let me be blunt. Stop feeling deserving, humble yourself before Jesus, and in genuine repentance and faith ask for/give what you/others need: Forgiveness for & freedom from brokenness and sin.

Then (re)commit to never living (again) like a GrINO using grace in vain as you purpose to make the amazing grace of God visible and accessible where you live, work, rest, socialize, and play.

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