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A Better Look for You
by Steven Pawley on March 5th, 2023
I’m on a personal journey to get a better look at who Jesus is. At times I’ve misunderstood, misrepresented, and have been misguided about who He is, how He works, and how He sees others. I need Jesus as He is, not how I want Him to be, believed Him to be, or how others who brought me to Jesus see Him. I’m taking a better look. I need to find out what I’m not quite seeing right. Growing up we were told “look twice” before crossing the road. It’s safer that way. When cutting materials, “measure twice and cut once”. Mistakes are expensive and avoidable. When we got bad news or had important decisions “get a second opinion”. Good counsel. Instant replays give a better look at an important call. A better look can change outcomes. We take a better look to see what’s in our blind spot or see a situation with a better perspective. On a news site I visit there’s a game called “spot the difference”. I think I’m pretty good but how would I know what I’m missing?! Sometimes I need a better look. You might too! Today, we’ll encounter Jesus doing something odd. I’ve had to look at this again - and again - and again. What is He doing? Why? What have I missed? What are you missing? (From Mk. 8:22-26)...   Read More
A Church You'd Never Leave
by Steven Pawley on December 11th, 2022
What is one thing you can expect from someone who professes to believe God and the gospel? Change. The gospel is both life-giving and life-changing and our mission is making it visible and accessible. Here’s our challenge. Can we build a church that creates a community that is biblically literate and genuinely Christian – one you’d never want to leave? With discipleship and some discipline, we can and should. As we embark on our mission to engage others with the gospel and teach them how to live as followers of Jesus Christ, we’ll regularly be introduced to four kinds of attenders... (From 1 Cor. 5:9-13)  Read More