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Satan Desires to Get You Alone
by Steven Pawley on March 19th, 2023
Difficult circumstances should drive us to God. But when they’re driving you away you need a strategy because Satan seeks to get you alone. That’s never a good thing. Satan is an opportunist who shows up when we’re weak. It is in these moments it is easy to give in to wrong and destructive choices. I know, you know, and Satan knows. Yet Jesus also knows about temptation and how to not succumb (1 Cor. 10:12-13). I’m going to show you three places I am regularly and relentlessly tempted when I’m right where Satan wants me - weary, isolated, and feeling alone. You will be too (From Luke 4:1-13).   Read More
Yes Good Men Fail. Now What?
by Steven Pawley on February 19th, 2023
What do we do when a good man has a moral failure? What does the otherwise good person do when they fail? People fail - good people. You’ve probably heard it said, “Failure is prerequisite to success.” “Failure is success in progress.” “Fail forward”. “You fail because you’re trying.” “You haven’t failed until you stop trying”. Some people fail because of success. It goes to their head. Or it goes to their heart: The fear or stress of success causes them to sabotage their progress. Failure is part of life. Every great person of accomplishment “failed” to get there! God uses failures. Let’s look at a good man who failed, the provision God has made for it, and face failure together. How you handle failure makes all the difference in your world (From Gen. 9:18-29):  Read More