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There is a point God ordains in our lives where the pain of past decisions and experiences meets our present predicament - where consequences and regrets force an encounter with Jesus.

It has been said, show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. Be careful who you hang around. Whether your life is preferable or regrettable things can change in an instant.

Two people are forced to hang around Jesus - crucified next to Him for their own poor choices with no escape. What they do next determines their future. You are one of these two people. (From Luke 23:33-43):

1. The Apathetic (33-39). Most of humanity remains clueless and careless toward Jesus – what He did and would do for them if they realized who He is (v. 34). Has that been true of you?

2. The Awakened (40-43). In Matthew both men mocked. But one has a change of heart. He hears God speak from the man in the middle. Remember what he did and did not do to find paradise:

  • He didn’t travel, do drugs, objectify others, make millions $$, seek approval from others... He didn’t pick a religion, get baptized, do sacraments, good deeds, seek a priest or pastor...

  • He did confess (take responsibility for) guilt, identify publicly with Jesus - as Lord, repent, believe, ask, and receive. And instantly found hope! He also worshipped where he was!

  • Belief is more than mere acknowledgement of certain religious sentiments. Belief leads to a conscious decision about who Jesus is and what our response must be:

  • In doing so Christ bears witness that he was now forgiven and forever free (John 1:12-13, 3:3,5, 11:25-29). You can be too. Here’s how: Acts 20:21, 1 Pet. 3:18, Rom. 10:9-13).

There is a point God ordains in your life where your present circumstances force an encounter with Christ so you can finally hear God speaking from the cross and realize Jesus is calling for you too.

There’s something you need to remember because your future hangs upon it. There’s no neutral. Jesus died for both men (and all of us). But only one received the payment. Which one are you?

Refuse to be apathetic and receive Christ today. You’ll find paradise at the cross and you won’t regret it. The joy of repentance and a hopeful future is just three words away: Lord, remember me!  (You can learn more by going here)

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