Baggage You Weren't Meant to Carry

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A famous verse of the Bible comes with some baggage that needs to be unpacked. Life gets that way too. We want the good stuff but have some baggage that life piles on and must be unloaded.

At times I try so hard to please and serve God that I end up discouraged and doubting whether I’m pleasing to or have missed something about Jesus. “I didn’t expect ‘this’”.

I’ve been skeptical of others whose views of how God works don’t align with how I see things.

Sadly, I’ve even had those seasons of cynicism where it’s hard to find good in anything.

Our baggage can bring us to the breaking point and life won’t lift a finger to help. Be careful how you unload when the struggles and stresses of life pile on. (From Mt. 11)

When what you’re carrying is too heavy or unhealthy unload on Jesus – He can handle it.

1. Some Need Reassurance (1-6). John unloaded some doubts and Jesus sent reassurance.

If problems cause you to doubt and question Jesus, trust what He’s done and is doing in others. Your circumstances don’t determine God’s approval of you, His character does (Eph. 1:3-9).

2. Some Need Reassessment (7-15). Others harbored doubts and Jesus called them to reassess.

God’s grace gives more credit than we believe is deserved and does more with our efforts than we perceive. John couldn’t hear the good Jesus thought toward him or perceive his influence.

3. Some Need Rebuke (16-25). If nothing God does is good enough, Jesus warns to reconsider!

God has done enough to reveal Himself and owes us nothing. He doesn’t have to satisfy or perform to our expectations… Stop piling up the excuses; you have enough to believe.

Look, life piles on and gives us many reasons to doubt, become cynical, or skeptical of God. So be careful when the pressure is on. We do better when we make Jesus our remedy of first resort.

Maybe you’re weary in well-doing, wondering if it’s worth the effort, or can’t seem to find a reason to believe that Jesus is the answer to your “baggage”, deepest questions, and biggest problems.

For others, chasing fame and living the dream aren’t delivering. The rat race is running them into the ground, or the wounds life has piled on have become unbearable.

There’s a war raging in your heart and head and a voice that won’t shut up and emotions that won’t shut down. Life has become too heavy, unhealthy, and circumstances are too much. Christ speaks:

4. You Need Rest (28-30). God is personal, relatable, and accessible. Come to Jesus for rest.

Whatever the outlook, loss, or load Jesus can handle it and wants to. Our response to the sinfulness, circumstances, and skepticism life piles on is insufficient.

We need God’s personal involvement. When we give to Jesus what we were never meant to carry we’ll find peace where it was all piled on. Talk to Him personally (Phil. 4:6-8).

Friend, life has piled on some baggage you weren’t meant to carry. God uses it to reveal your need to unload on Jesus. You’re not supposed to bear it. Get Jesus involved right now. He can handle it.

Are you too hard on yourself, on others, or toward God? Is life piling on baggage and won’t lift a finger to help unload? Whether too heavy or unhealthy come to Jesus, your remedy of first resort – then rest.

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