Handling The Issue that Plagues You

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In our Wed. night dinner and bible study at church we’re talking about encounters Jesus has with individuals. (Btw you’re welcome to join us, we’re going to have a really good time together).

Recently, how Jesus met a very broken woman at a well and didn’t deal with her sin issue, He met her in her quests for fulfillment and the emptiness they produced. That was her issue.

Maybe that’s you. Everywhere you’re striving for meaning, for purpose, for significance, for fulfillment never quenches the thirst. Frustrating right? Jesus meets you there to talk.

Maybe you’ve been asked in a moment of heated discussion, What’s your issue? Maybe you’ve asked it yourself! The issue that plagues you might not be obvious. Friend, what’s troubling you?

What is causing that inner turmoil and relentless pursuit for fulfillment, for wholeness, that no matter what you attempt, what you achieve, what you gain or lose just makes the issue worse?

Well, you’re not alone. Jesus meets a woman in a crowd and deals with the issue that plagues her. He’ll do the same for you when you believe He (God) is the solution (From Mark 5:24-34):

1. (24-26). We can waste a lot of time (a lifetime) and resources seeking wholeness, fulfillment in the wrong places / people / pro’s. And it only gets worse! 

Some issues that plague include:

  • Relational. Arguments, distrust, abuse, mismatch, toxicity, failures, distance, divorce...

  • Mental/Emotional. Anger, depression, bitterness, envy, identity, things unresolved...

  • Substance Abuse /Addiction. Drugs, alcohol, opioids, porn, gaming, gambling, work...

  • Losses. Loved ones, friends, pets, possessions, freedom, control, reputation, dignity...

  • Consequences. We’ve sown; now we reap, others have sown, now we reap...

  • Sin. Our common human broken condition / our pursuit for fulfillment in sinful ways...
2. (27-29) God uses your issues to drive you to Jesus. So why do we wait so long!
  • You don’t have to wait until you’ve wasted everything! Find out where Jesus is and go!

  • From searching, trying harder, let downs, researching, spending, worrying, wasting, professional help… to feeling whole. Your unfulfillment should lead you to faith in Jesus.
3. (30-34) When God intervenes, you’ll know. Peace replaces the plague, you’re never the same!

  • Virtue! “The man at the brothel is unconsciously seeking God” (Chesterton?). What are you seeking that never resolves the issue? Reach out. Jesus is waiting for you.

  • What have you got to lose but your issue! When your efforts and experts leave you empty and exhausted, reach out to Jesus. Just a little faith can change everything.

This is the gospel, right? God makes Himself visible, accessible right where you are, issues and all. Only Jesus can make us whole, by design. He doesn’t expect you to get whole then come.

God invites you to reach out to Him and be made whole – not by works you do – but by faith in what Jesus has done and will do.

Why not find peace from that issue that plagues you right now? Jesus waits, reach out.

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