A Faithful Man Who Can Find?

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Some people are famous for what they know or do. Some for competency, others for character.

But what happens when character and competency align with a soul redeemed by Christ? You meet a man or woman with a mission to make the gospel visible and accessible to all.

They’ve stepped into ministry to use their good character and competency to make a life-giving difference everywhere they live, work, learn, worship, socialize, and play.

  • Phoebe. Gave life in service to her church as she busied herself in ministry to others.
  • Epaphras. Gave life to others by always laboring fervently in prayer with a great zeal.
  • Stephanus. Gave life by addicting his household to the ministry of refreshing others.
  • Aquila & Pricilla. Gave life by finding opportunities to use home and work for witness.

A church on mission equips others to serve the living God who loved us enough to step into humanity to redeem souls and repurpose lives and then engage others with the gospel.

God’s word makes a statement and asks a question in Pro. 20:6. “Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: But a faithful man who can find?

Apollos answers the call and captures our attention. His life was redeemed from religion and repurposed by the life-giving gospel that motivates a mission mindset (From Acts 18:24-19:1).

Look at three things you can do to be more ministry minded and engaging with the life-giving gospel:

1.Take Initiative (24-26a). Tell others what you know. Fervency is fueled as you learn more. Get out of the water and into the Spirit. Baptism’s noteworthy, but then we learn of the blood (Rev. 1:5-7)!

2.Take Instruction (26b-27). Contrition builds character and competency. Teach and be teach-able. Discipleship is indispensable: Leverage home, work, church, social, hobbies (Phil. 4:9, 2 Tim. 2:2).

3.Test Influence (28). Use your story. If convinced, get involved in becoming biblically literate and practically useful. Find others to tell, teach, learn from, serve, and love. You can be the next Apollos (19:1, 1 Cor. 1:12, 3:4-6, Tt 3:12-14).

Phoebe, Epaphras, Stephanas, Aquila & Pricilla, Apollos, and you have one thing in common: Sinners saved by grace and set free to engage others with the life-giving gospel.

God stepped into your humanity to redeem your soul and repurpose your life. Now take the next step to being more competent in and faithful to the gospel mission. I want to read about you too!

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