What Kind of Christian Are You?

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If you were to say, “I’m a Christian” would it be reasonable to ask, “what kind?” I mean look around at how many different Christian churches, cults, sects, beliefs, and behaviors there are.

According to Jesus, your relationship to the Bible, your personal engagement with God’s word, reveals what kind of Christian (Christ-follower/imitator) you really are (John 8:31-32).

Your relationship to and time in the Bible makes Jesus want to cry and is cause for concern. I’m asking you to hear from God and identify what kind of Christian you are (From Lk. 8:4-18).

1. Those the Enemy Impoverishes (5, 9-12). You cannot give what you do not have. Know that the enemy of your soul is stealing what God seeks to sow in your life and stop allowing it!

2. Those Enthused until Informed (6, 13). No pain, no gain. What good in life comes easy? Walk through not from the difficulties of following Christ (John 6:62-68).

3. Those Engrossed in Other Interests (7, 14). You invest in your interest. No fulfillment from God’s word leads to no fruit by virtue of the weeds. A Bible unread leads to a life unchanged.

4. Those Engaged and Influential (8, 15-18). Preparation leads to propagation. When you desire to know and be like Jesus (the person), Bible information leads to biblical transformation.

Your relationship to and time in God’s word makes Jesus want to cry and is cause for concern (v. 8, 18).

I’m asking you to be a believer who knows, grows, and sows God’s word. Here are some ways to help you become a bible-believer who is also a better influence:

1) Prioritize God’s Word. No Bible, no breakfast. No devotion, no device. No Scripture, no snack. You get the idea. God’s word says this book is your life. Read it like you believe it.

2) Participate weekly in Wednesday night and Sunday morning table fellowship Bible studies.

3) Partner with a more mature believer in our Know, Grow, Go lessons for personal spiritual growth. Make time and take the Big Picture or other classes and courses we offer at SCC.

4) Purchase good study resources and take advantage of our on-site study center and library.

5) Propagate by sharing what you’re learning where you live, work, socialize, rest, and play. Use social media posts, shares, conversations, tracts, invites to church/classes/studies…

According to Jesus, your relationship to the Bible (your personal daily engagement with God’s word) reveals what kind of Christian you really are. So what kind are you?

Whether biblically illiterate, impoverished, informed, or uninterested, engage with God’s word daily to become more influential and the kind of Christian that won’t make Jesus cry! We’ll help.

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