Only One Out of Ten Helped By Jesus Do This. Have You?

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Listen to some troubling stats from a simple internet search. One out of every ten people globally lack basic drinking quality water or regularly become ill due to food poisoning.

In America, one in ten people have diabetes, turn to social media instead of their doctor for health information, don’t care at all about politics, and during the pandemic considered suicide.

Yet there is another troubling stat Jesus gives that should also challenge us. Only one in ten helped by Jesus give God praise and thanks. Nine out of ten are ungrateful! (From Luke 17:11-19).

Think about that: You experience a life-threatening situation, cry for a need to be meet, for mercy or a miracle. God answers and nine out of ten who are religious walk away without giving thanks.

Only one out of ten helped by Jesus fall at His feet and worship, give thanks, and are made whole. And the one you might least expect, the “Samaritan” (not the sectarian), reveals what faith does.

1. The Passing (11-13). Whatever your condition or location God is accessible. Especially to the leper (ostracized, marginalized, rejected, institutionalized, isolated, hopeless, sick, sinful).

2. The Plea (13). When your situation calls for a Saviour or you feel distant, disconnected from God and in need of mercy or a miracle, call unto Jesus who answers (Psa. 102:17, Jer. 33:3)!

3. The Potential (14-19). Circumstances can rob our potential. The gospel received brings real gain. Yet nine of ten are content to be outwardly changed (religious) but no closer to Christ.

4. The Praise (15-19). The power of the gospel is not a one-time event (Heb. 13:15).

  • Only one in ten offer the sacrifice of praise to God and thanks to Jesus continually.

  • One in ten receive the benevolence and rejoice in the Benefactor then give honor to Jesus.

  • One in ten find wholeness and then humbled by the help offer wholehearted gratitude to God.

  • One in ten leave off with religion, make faith relational, turn to Jesus, and fall at His feet.

  • Could it soon be true that only one in ten will make the effort to put themselves in a place to meet Jesus in person and worship at His feet? With a Bible, Prayer, In-Person Fellowship?

For some, the power of the gospel is within grasp. Jesus makes it visible and accessible. Religion is enough for nine out of ten, yet they walk away outwardly changed but no closer to Christ.

Only one out of ten helped by Jesus fall at His feet, give thanks, worship, and are made whole. Have you? Today you can change the percentage by no longer being one of the nine. Do that now.

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