Two Options Only

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Did you ever overhear someone ask a question that really made you think? Have you ever been given good advice only to choose another option then later regret it?

Who here hasn’t been told what pain and problems the future holds if you continue on some preferred path only to dismiss the prophecy and then fulfill it?

Wisdom asks good questions and causes people to think. At times the answer is obvious. Sometimes we realize the consequences of not thinking it through to its likely outcome.

“Why are you doing this?” “What do you hope to achieve?” “Will it be worth it in the end?”

Friend, be careful what you seek to accomplish in this life, you just might get it! God asked a good question in Mark 8:36-37. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

When God asks questions, we should pay attention. In Psalm 2 the Godhead is talking among themselves about those made in their image and ask a question we should pay attention to (From Psalm 2):

The second Psalm in our heavenly hymnal encourages us to teach and admonish one another about who the Son of God is and what He’s going to do.

Whom do you say Jesus is? A good man? prophet? God? A product of fiction or fact of history? What is He going to do? Nothing? Return soon? Judge righteously?

Is Jesus God come down from heaven, manifest in the flesh, crucified among men for your sins and mine, who died, was buried, risen again, and is ready to return as Judge and King?

Wisdom urges us to answer carefully before it’s too late. So we sing, Two options only on the shelf, worship the Son or worship self.

1. The Confusion in the Question (1-3). How could people be so hostile toward their Creator? Can they imagine God away or plot His overthrow?

The agnostic, atheist, anarchist, authoritarian, or slave for unfettered amusements is confused about the biggest questions one must know the answer to about life:

Where did I come from? What matters most? What am I to do and why? What is good and right? Where will I go when I die? Each could be answered with “God, but then what?”

The desire for liberty is sown in every soul. But the desire to be liberated from God is the sin that damns the unrepentant soul.

2. The Consequence in the Question (4-5). The consequences of imaginations, inventions, ignorance, intellect, indifference, or indignation set against God (sins of unbelief) are devastating.

God’s righteous wrath becomes your chosen end. (Oh, please consider: Rom. 1:18-28, Rev. 16:1-11, 14, Acts 17:30-34).

3. The Coronation that Answers the Question (6-9). No man, no king, no army, nobody will thwart or alter God’s plan (Isa. 46:5-13).

The proof is the only begotten: Risen from the dead, seated at God’s right hand, and coming King (Act 13:26-33, 2 Th. 1:7-10, Rev. 19:11-16). Are you ready for His return?

4. The Counsel to Answer the Question (10-12). Before you can make the right decision there has to be a right determination (Psa. 24, Isa. 9:6-7).

Answer correctly before you leave this life: What have you done with the Son (Mt. 16:13-17)? Two options only on the shelf, worship the Son or worship self.

Judas heard the question then later betrayed the Lord with a kiss. He chose self in exchange for his soul. Then perished from the way. Will you? Kiss (honor) the Son; serve Him. That’s the way of the blessed.

Friend, be careful what you seek to accomplish in this life; you just might get it!

Have you thought about the two options only? What will you give in exchange for your soul? Kiss (humbly honor) the Son and be blessed or refuse and perish from the way.

Two options only: Wrath of the Son or worship the Son. His judgment is strict, swift, sure, and soon. You won’t regret choosing to worship the Son.

God’s word foretells what pain and problems the future holds for the majority who dismiss this prophecy and then fulfill it. They’ll mutter forever over the option they missed.

Behold, He’s coming quickly! Are you ready? Friend, make a decision today to trust the Son (Mk 1:15, Rom. 10:9-13).

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