When You're Ready to Walk Away

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Can you recall a time when you thought you knew where you were going but realized you were going in the wrong direction!?

Sometimes life brings a circumstance that makes us want to walk away. So, we take a walk to clear our heads, think thru some things… But here’s a question you’ll need to answer:

If you keep walking down the road you’re on, where will it lead in the end?

When going the wrong way, God will walk with you awhile. And on that road as you walk and talk with Jesus, things can get turned in the right direction.

With Jesus, it’s never too late to turn it around and He’ll meet you where you are right now (Context is From Luke 24:1-12 after Jesus' resurrection and meeting some disillusioned disciples)

Every one of us can find ourselves disillusioned and going the wrong way. Right? Here's a few thoughts to about when you find yourself on the wrong road:
1. You claim to follow Jesus but find yourself walking away in some unbelief; headed the wrong way (13)

• We get discouraged, disoriented, wounded, unbelief, unrealistic, fear… Like Elijah (1 Kgs 19)

• When we focus on one bad event, we tend to forget what else God said (Lk. 23:48-49).
2. You talk about word, beliefs but lost sight of who Jesus is. Something stole your eyes of faith (14-16).

• It’s okay. God is good and you’ll be in “school” until Jesus comes! But reason is a faulty guide.

• So, God graciously reveals Himself even when we’re on the wrong road!
3. You talk about the crucifixion, resurrection convincingly but don’t presently act believingly (17-24).

• Our faith claims have limits. Then we learn our true convictions (Lk 22:31-34).

• What is God showing you about your present faith limits for your good?
4. Be open to correction by The Word, ready to hear what God says. Find out what you missed (25-29).

• As much as you’ve seen, heard, experienced, taught… there’s more to learn (Jer. 10:23-24).

• Friend it’s good to be teachable.
5. Enjoy your personal encounter with Jesus while the word is opened to you: Make it personal (30-32).

• On that road, going in the wrong direction our eyes can be opened to the imperfections of our walk with Jesus. That’s okay (Psa. 107:20). Rehearse the gospel – you need it every day!

• Jesus doesn’t just inform, He transforms. He turns us around so we can make the gospel visible.
6. The gospel is life-giving and changes our direction. True faith is evidential and exciting (33-35).

• Hearing and heeding God’s word and public identification with Jesus make our claims credible.

• It is on that road of discouragement and disorientation that Jesus walks, talks, and turns lives around.

Here’s a question you need to answer: If you keep going in the same direction, where will it lead in the end?

Friend, would you let Jesus turn you around and get you back on the right road today?

When you’re on the wrong road, stop and have a talk with Jesus. He’ll turn you around. Are you ready? You can do that right now.

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