God Can Rewrite Your Story

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When someone tells a story or you read or watch a post on social about something they’ve overcome or a life-changing event, does it not touch your soul? I tear up -- and tell others.

The Bible is full of such life-changing and life-giving encounters with Jesus and the gospel. When God touches a soul, rescues it, redeems it, repurposes it - that’s a story that must be told!

Whatever your past, present, or future the gospel believed and received rewrites it. The gospel rewrites your story in such a way you cannot be silent about:

  • Your freedom by being released from and forgiven for whatever is in your past.
  • Your power to embrace, endure, and be enriched by what you encounter in the present.
  • Your blessed hope in this life and the life to come because Jesus gifted you a new future.

God through the gospel does that. But here’s a question: What have you done with what Jesus has done for you? Do what others felt rightly compelled to do (Rom. 1:14-16).

1. The Gospel Believed and Received Makes a Leper Alive Again (Mark 1:38-45).

  • Leprosy was inescapable apart from an act of God. Those afflicted had no community, comfort, hope. Their contagion consigned them to a lonely, sad and numbing existence.

  • What would it mean to a leper to experience compassion, a touch, for God to stop and listen, move toward, cleanse? Like leprosy, sin ruins lives but God can rewrite the story.

2. The Gospel Believed and Received Makes The Blind Beggar Blessed (Mark 10:46-52).

  • Life circumstances can motivate us to an alternative. God stops for beggars who will not be silenced in getting His attention. When Jesus enters your story don’t shut up.

  • The blind beggar gets a new story when he casts away his garment and came to Jesus. What are you hanging on to that’s keeping you from following Jesus?

3. The Gospel Believed and Received Makes the Tied Tongue Loosed (Mark 7:31-37).

  • When you bring others to Jesus and behold what He does, you won’t be able to stay quiet either! Even if God told you to! By the way, He doesn’t - Mark 16:15, 20.

  • Who can tell what one touch by God - your leprosy, eyes, ears, tongue, loved one - can do to make the gospel visible and accessible to others? We can! And must!

I thank God for those who sought to bring me to Jesus anyway they could: Prayer, preaching, gospel tracts, uncomfortable conversations, invitations to church… It changed my story forever!

Jesus believed on and received puts finality to a painful past through liberating freedom from sin, it empowers the present to walk in the way of Jesus and brings hope for the future.

Whatever your past, present, or future the gospel believed and received rewrites it. When God touches your soul, rescues it, redeems it, repurposes it, don’t be silent. You have a story, go tell it.

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